Dymag 38mm carbon review

Rob Hoyles tests a well established motorcycle brand Dymag, but is disappointed with the outcome...

Cycling Weekly Verdict

After truing, this flex was still evident, and our wheel-builder explained that he daren’t tighten the spokes past the recommended tension for fear of cracking the carbon due to the rim being out of round. It’s quite simply not good enough.

Reasons to buy
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Already an established name in the highest echelons of motorcycle racing, Dymag’s first foray into the world of cycling came with a suitably high level of expectation.

However, first impressions weren’t great, with the carbon-fibre rims looking identical to those used by a number of budget firms that offer similar wheelsets at vastly dissimilar prices.

Add to that our disappointment that the stickers were peeling off before they’d even seen a tyre lever and you’ll understand why we were hardly blown away.

Reynolds blue carbon-specific brake pads were included in the box but oddly no skewers or rim tape. A brief visit to our LBS furnished us with both, but when you’re paying four figures for a wheelset, to be cheated of these vital (and inexpensive) parts does seem cheeky.

Tested with Rubena’s super-light Phoenix tyres, the wheels felt nimble and rolled effortlessly on DT Swiss 240s — these high-quality hubs being the first real nod towards the weighty price-tag.

Under high cornering loads and during hard sprints, there was a sense of flex in the rear wheel to the point I had to open the caliper to stop the rim rubbing on the pads.

After 60 miles, this worsened when a spoke not only came loose but completely undone, leaving the nipple rattling inside the cavity, rendering the wheel unrideable.