Winter training

Winter training for cyclists can sometimes feel difficult when the days are short and the temperature struggles to get above freezing, let alone into double figures - but it can also be loads of fun.

Cycling throughout the winter is essential if you want to hit the spring and summer with a good base level of fitness, ready for racing, sportives or taking on more mileage.

Although dragging yourself out of bed when it's still dark may seem like a chore, the winter can also be one of the best times to be out on a bike. Fresh, crisp mornings, lit by the low sun shining across mist covered fields, are perfect for rolling through the lanes and enjoying being out on your bike.

All that enjoyment, however, can depend on your kit choices. Get it right and you'll be warm and comfortable all day.

But miss the mark and you could be forced to head home shivering or find yourself stripping off several layers when you overheat on a climb. The latter of those is of course preferable and a lot less dangerous.