Does gym work really benefit your cycling fitness? Here’s how to mix up your training and reap the gains

No time for long winter miles outdoors but can’t face yet another turbo session either? Despair not! Coach Landry Bobo has an alternative winter plan to answer your prayers

Image shows a person working out at the gym for cycling benefits
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The clocks have gone back, it’s dark by 4.30pm and harder to squeeze long outdoor rides into your schedule. But you know that hitting your targets in 2023 will depend on putting in plenty of solid miles in. 

For many of us, doing big miles outdoors at this time of year isn’t always practical, you need good winter kit, a bike ready for the winter and for the really long rides nutrition can be key when out in the cold for hours. We know how hard it is to fit in. 

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Row 0 - Cell 0 In the gymOn the bike
Tuesday50min strength session60min big-gear sprints
Wednesday-90min - 5 x 5min @ low cadence
Thursday-90min @ Zone 2
Saturday50min strength session90min - 5 x 6min @ high cadence
Sunday-120min @ Zone 2

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Landry Bobo
Freelance writer

Landry Bobo is a cycling coach with living in North Carolina, USA. He has raced competitively in road cycling for over a decade and holds a master's degree in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University where he performed research in the field of sports psychology. Landry loves to share his experience and knowledge with athletes of all ability levels.