Queen reveals view of cyclists during photoshoot with David and Fenton Bailey in March

Despite Britain’s continued growth into a great cycling nation and despite the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Bradley Wiggins being appointed Knights of the Realm, the Queen is apparently ‘not a fan’ of cyclists.

The Queen made the comment during a royal photoshoot with celebrated photographer David Bailey and his assistant son, Fenton, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The comment was made as part of a conversation about the recent spate of cycling accidents in London during a portrait shoot in March. “She’s not a fan of cyclists… We were talking about the accidents. They did not surprise her,” Fenton Bailey told Telegraph diarist Tim Walker.

Her majesty’s comment means that there is slim chance of seeing her and Prince Philip on a tandem during this year’s RideLondon 100, which finishes outside Buckingham Palace in August. Seems a great shame.

  • Bob Franklin

    How about revealing the whole conversation and it’s context rather than doing a “daily fail” piece of shoddy journalism to provoke comments.
    I’m not exactly what you’d call a monarchist but I’m fairly sure the queen is media savvy enough not to make ANY disparaging remarks about a group of hobbyists/proffessionals

  • Time for an elected head of state. And one who rides a bike. These car lovers are just despicable elitists. Let’s get rid of these parasitic benefit scroungers.

  • sarah

    I thought Marianne Vos was the Queen.

  • Pee Bee

    Judging by the picture of Sir Wiggo, he thinks cycling has its own royalty, so who needs thee Queen?

  • Carpog

    On my commute I see her regularly in her Audi TT careering into the bus lane and advanced stop boxes and hurling abuse at us “lycra louts.”

  • Simon G

    …and i am not a fan of the Queen