Sir Bradley Wiggins beats Alex Dowsett's previous UCI Hour Record by 1.589 kilometres in the Lee Valley Velodrome

Sir Bradley Wiggins has smashed the UCI Hour Record, setting a new distance of 54.526 kilometres at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London on Sunday evening.

Wiggins set out to beat the mark of 52.937km recorded by Alex Dowsett on May 2 in Manchester, and easily passed the Essex man’s distance despite unfavourable high air pressure and a slower track.

The 35-year-old world and Olympic time trial champion started his attempt a couple of minutes earlier than the 6.30pm start time, and quickly set into a metronomic rhythm around the track that was the scene of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Sell out crowd watches Bradley Wiggins in his UCI Hour Record attempt in 2015

Sell out crowd watches Bradley Wiggins in his UCI Hour Record attempt in 2015

After a hundred laps, Wiggins had averaged 54.612kmh and by the half-hour, half-way point Wiggins was a minute and 13 seconds up on the same distance ridden by Dowsett.

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Wiggins then continued to make inroads into Dowsett’s mark for the remaining half hour, although his average speed did drop slightly in the final 15 minutes.

Bradley Wiggins in his UCI Hour Record attempt in 2015

Bradley Wiggins in his UCI Hour Record attempt in 2015

Throughout the attempt, Wiggins barely shifted his position in the saddle of his Pinarello Bolide HR bike, with a perfectly level back. Even in the excruciating final 10 minutes Wiggins only dipped his head slightly, the only sign that he was pushing himself to the limit.

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When he passed Dowsett’s distance with just under two minutes to go, it was a case of how much more ground he could cover. Rather than collapse on the floor, as other Hour Record riders have done, Wiggins hopped on a road bike for a victory lap of the velodrome, waving to the huge, sell-out crowd.

  • Oldenslo

    As recently as 1998 the British one kilometre record was 1m 4.153sec, held by the mighty Jason Queally; Sir Bradley managed to ride fifty four and a half consecutive kilometres at an average of 1m 6sec for each kilometre. Now that’s awesome.

  • elan

    Like buses none for ages then loads appear.As he says its easy money compared to a grand tour like we saw in the Giro.Suggest that Tony Martin will go further,although these guys have no time for this due to the fact they are competing in huge Grand tours all the time.

  • eminusx

    Absolutely. He isn’t going back for seconds either apparently, fair play, not like he has anything to prove! Something for us mortals to aspire to!

  • Steve Jones

    Awesome achievement. That was total mind over body. He was metronomic – 33.9 mph av give or take a few hundredths

  • eminusx

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Brad have a crack in better conditions, take advantage of lower pressures later in the year. He seemed slightly disappointed at falling short of 55 which will likely play on his mind and he isn’t the sort of guy to leave such things untested. From this effort he could do early 55s

    Sterling effort today by a true sporting hero!