UKIP general election candidate Lynton Yates' promotional leaflet says road congestion can be eased by forcing cyclists to ride on the pavement

A UKIP general election candidate has told voters in his Charnwood, Leicestershire, that he plans to reduce road congestion by forcing cyclists to ride on the pavement.

Lynton Yates, who has sat as a councillor in the county since 1989, made the controversial claim in a promotional flyer, but was subjected to ridicule when it went viral on Twitter.

The leaflet reads: “As much as I applaud cycling as a form of exercise and past-time the already congested roads cannot cope with both bus lanes AND cyclists.

“Cycles should go back to the pavements yet give priority to pedestrians.”

Forcing cyclists off the road is not Mr Yates’ only outlandish plan when it comes to reducing traffic, with the 64-year-old also suggesting benefit claimants should not be allowed to own cars.

“We could likely remove six million cars from the road if benefit claimants were not driving,” his leaflet goes on to say.

“Why do they have the privilege to spend the taxpayers’ hard-earned money on a car, when those in work are struggling to keep their own car on the road?

“These people could really catch a bus!

“Yet again we’re proposing common sense policies and common sense solutions.”

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A UKIP spokesman told MailOnline that Mr Yates’ views were not shared by the rest of the party but insisted his election candidacy remained.

“There’s no doubt he’s been a bit of an idiot but it’s of a different value to racism or things of that sort,” the spokesman said.

“We can’t chuck somebody out even for abject racism in 24 hours. We have to go through due process.

“There will be discussions made and decisions taken as with anything but he is still a member of the party’.

  • James McNulty

    it starting to look a bit like nazis

  • Guildford Resident

    Mad as a box of frogs, this UKIP lot….

  • Eric Prot

    Many people in this country face many problems caused by the recession; they cannot all be solved merely by leaving the EU. It is disappointing that we do not learn the lessons of history. The German people faced recession and hyper-inflation in the 1930s and many sought solace in the simple solutions put forward by those happy to blame minorities for the all the problems faced by their supporters. While the problems people in the UK now face and the “simple common sense solutions” are of a fundamentally different scale to those in Germany in the 1930s, the principle remains the same. Problems are not solved by blaming someone else – on the bike or in other areas of life. Problems are solved by addressing the issues -whether it is the death of a cyclist on the roads of London or lack of employment in Thanet South. Not quick, not simple and a hard grind … but effective.

  • Steve Hill

    If you are UK citizen, your country is sovereign over its own affairs. And as you are no doubt aware, the small part of UK legislation that is based on EU law-making is generally better for the people of the UK than much of the other UK legislation is. The influence of the financial services industry, corporate lobbying in general, and the desire to USA’s lap dog, is far less significant in the EU institutions than it is in HM Government and the UK parliaments.

    Don’t believe any of the nonsense UKIP tell you. They really are not your friend.

  • roger

    Oh yes, in which European countries are cyclists forced to use footpaths and not allowed to cycle on the road?

    Also, UKIP think the invasion of Iraq was justified, they were very much in favour of invading Syria, they still support the arrangements that enabled extraordinary renditions, and they are unequivocally for maintaing the status quo with regard to bankers’ payments, bonuses etc. You are, however, correct in saying they are opposed to child abuse.

    Anyway, by your logic, anyone should be allowed to get away with anything as long as it is less serious than the above. So if I demolish your car and set your house on fire is that OK because politicians have done worse? I think not.

  • John Spencer

    As a UKIP voter I wish their people would just concentrate on Europe alone. They do themselves and their voters no favours what so ever when they start talking about banning cyclists and chemical castration. He has said elsewhere he was talking about unemployed, not Motability, so that’s 2 million, not his 6 million – which is a notorious WW2 number. And of that 2 million only those recently out of a job with saving would be driving, and employers always want some who can drive. so taking away their driving license would hamper this.

    There’s a sneering anti cycle hate coming across with the attitude bikes are only used to mess about on the road, exercising and pastimes. Ignorant of the full range of uses the bike has in shopping, visiting relatives, travel to work, in work…All these actives though would equate to being a cycle ban as county road don’t have pavements, as suggests where bikes should go. It’s also ignorant that its not Bus lanes AND bikes as bikes go IN the bus in bus lanes.

    So basically if all these cycling activities equate as unworthy usage of the road then the same should be applied to drivers.

    I want my country to be sovereign over it’s own affairs but I despair if UKIP if full of these candidates.

  • John Scutte

    Less than two years ago the Coalition government wanted to bomb Syria. It repeatedly failed to explain how this was going to help the people of Syria. In 2003, the Labour government, supported by the Conservative Party led Britain into an illegal attack on Iraq. Proposing to bomb Syria, attacking Iraq and the military involvement in Afghanistan are far more serous matters than suggesting cyclist should use the pavement, which they do quite legally in some European Countries. Then there is the question of extraordinary rendition, otherwise known as facilitating the torture of foreigners; the apparent cover ups relating to child abuse by members of the establishment and the banking crisis, how it was dealt with and the bonus and pension payments for bankers. Are those of you happy to throw insults at members of the UKIP whilst overlooking these matters or do you insult members of the establishment parties in the same way. In which case, which parties do you support?

  • Vance Harvey

    I did put post on here but see that it has been taken down!! Obviously someone didn’t like my comments about the UKIP nutter in the article above and UKIP?

  • Mark Jones

    If this was from anyone other than a UKIP candidate then I would have been outraged. I fear for a country ruled by UKIP and the people voting for them would soon find themselves being victimised. We live in democratic country and let’s hope it remains that way.

  • dourscot

    UKIP seems to have been infiltrated by candidates with a psychotic urge to victimise other people.

  • The UKIP is full of nutters. And people still vote for them.