Not found anything yet to give to the cyclist in your life? Here are a few ideas.

All the bike shops closed at lunch time. The staff in the High Street stores are looking restive. And Tesco closes in an hour. What last minute gift can you find for the cyclist in your life?

Foam roller

Foam-roller-630x419Surprisingly easy to find at High Street sports retailers, foam rollers are used to aid muscle recovery in a variety of sports. Studies have indicated that they have a positive effect, reducing muscle soreness and time to recover.

Recovery drink

Recover-powder-drink-630x420Proper high protein recovery drinks have found their way into some petrol stations. For Goodness Shakes is quite widely available in supermarkets too. It’s got the recommended 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein and has a long shelf life, so it doesn’t need to be guzzled down on Christmas Day.

Razor blades

Shaving-legs-630x420All cyclists shave their legs, don’t they? A new pack of razor blades – and some shaving cream – will make the process much more comfortable and the results smoother than using that same rusty old disposable razor.

Car wash sponge

Halfords-bikehut-complete-bike-cleaning-kit-630x419With the amount of road gunk ending up smothered all over the bike at this time of year, a decent sponge and probably a bucket too will help keep their pride and joy shiny and in good working order.

Power bank

Veho pebble mini stick power bankWith many cyclists using a GPS and carrying a mobile phone, there’s plenty of scope for flat batteries and range anxiety. A mobile phone power bank is a light, compact way of carrying enough extra battery power to keep those electronics working.

Velodrome taster session

manchester-velodrome-630x419These can usually be booked on-line. Lee Valley Velopark charges £35 for an hour session for adults (£45 over Christmas), including rental of a track bike. If you live near Glasgow you’ve got a bargain, because a taster session at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome comes in at £10.80, while at Newport it comes in at £15. A session at the Manchester velodrome comes in at £12.40 weekdays and £17.50 at weekends.

Aldi cycling kit

MENS-LADIES-WATERPROOF-LOBSTER-GLOVES-2Although its cycling specials came out in September, you may still find some items in stock. Aldi had a selection of Muc-Off bike cleaning products at knock-down prices, as well as cycling clothing and energy gels. More recently it’s had a ski special which included long socks, thermals and ski tops, all potentially useful as winter cycling garments. It’s also had an action camera on sale for £29.99 – ideal to prove that those post-Xmas rides actually happened.

Strava premium membership

Screen-Shot-2015-11-02-at-17.07.31-e1446484248191Strava stats look a bit less depressing if you can segment them by age group. And Strava Premium also gives you suffer scores which show how hard you’re working and training plans, amongst other stats. £39.99 for a year’s subscription.


ahc-header-navIt’s used for treating nappy rash in babies, but serves a similar purpose for cyclists who’ve overdone it trying to crack the Rapha Festive 500. Not very romantic, but effective. We guess you can always offer to help apply it and apparently it’s good for acne too.


Products_MPUThe cyclist’s best friend: it can unseize those pesky bolts, keep derailleurs and cables moving and stop chains from going rusty, all in one handy aerosol can.


retro-teams-espresso-630x420Cyclists love coffee and the caffeine has been scientifically shown to help improve performance, by increasing the time riders could ride in a ramp test to exhaustion. So a good strong cup of coffee before heading out should be just the ticket.

Cycling Weekly subscription

CW Dec 3 2015 issueJust £48.99 for a print subscription and £44.49 for iPad/iPhone. An absolute bargain!

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    Where are the espresso cups from? They are lovely.