Rapha's new Pro Team Shadow is designed to be a protective and breathable jersey/jacket for use in changeable weather

British clothing brand Rapha has launched its new Shadow range designed for use in foul weather.

We first saw the Rapha Shadow being worn by Team Sky during their 2015 Classics campaign and also the first week of the Tour de France.

Based upon the product description, the Shadow appears to be similar to the very popular Castelli Gabba 2.


Luke Rowe racing in the Pro Team Shadow during the 2015 Classics

The success of wet weather racing jackets hinges on the fabric employed.

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The Shadow is utilising a new stretch-woven fabric, that Rapha claims “offers an unprecedented combination of protection against the elements and breathable comfort under duress.”

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Rapha claims the Shadow stands out from the crowd due to its superior breathability whilst continuing to keep the rider dry by keeping the rain out.

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The key is said to be the fabric which is flexible yet densely woven along with a durable weather repellent that is applied to both the yarn and the finished fabric.

The result, it is claimed, is that the garment is impervious to rainwater but allows the rider’s body to breathe.

The garment features a hydrophobic coating

The garment features a hydrophobic coating

According to Rapha, a DWR (durable water repellent) finish is applied twice during the manufacturing process to make the garment ‘hydrophobic.’

It is not yet clear how long this coating lasts, or how it is reapplied.

Three rear pockets, with drainage holes and zipped pocket on the rear

Three rear pockets, with drainage holes and zipped pocket on the rear

To go with the jersey/jacket Rapha has also launched a pair of shorts in the Shadow range, that also are said to offer water repellant, foul weather protection.


Rapha Shadow shorts, in a shadow

The Shadow is initially only available in black and is retailing at £220, considerably more than the equivalent short sleeve Gabba.

We look forward to testing whether it lives up to the hype and is able to knock the Castelli Gabba off its mantel.

For more information go to Rapha.

  • Cesar Aviles Zamorano

    Rapha Pro Team Bibshorts: after a few normal rides, chamois pad is getting loose because of extensive unstitching. I sent information about this issue to Rapha and this is what I got: “Hello Cesar, Thanks for contacting Rapha. I’m sorry to hear about the stitching coming loose on your bibs. We have seen some cases of this issue, and it clearly hinges on the style of stitch used to attach the chamois to the shorts. The particular stitch was chosen to reduce bulk at the seam, which it does very well. The trade off is that the single thread stitching is more susceptible to damage from abrasion. If the single thread breaks, the entire line of stitching will come loose.

    This is something that can be repaired, either through our free repair service or by a local tailor. While there is an added cost of returning the bibs from Chile to our repair service, we will cover the cost of shipping the repaired bibs back to you. If you want to have us repair them, please complete the attached Repair Form and send them to the US address listed on the form. We’ll fix up the broken stitching and send them back to within a couple of weeks.
    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
    Best regards, Dave Roth Customer Service Team”
    I wish best luck for Rapha Shadow Jacket owners

  • J1

    They’ll notice your lights before they notice your top. This is Rapha we’re talking about, they’ll bring out a more brightly coloured version sometime….then charge you £50 extra for it.

    Doesn’t sound like the same wonder material that the Gabba uses, or even as good as Orkaan.

  • ridein

    With short sleeves, how is this a jacket?

  • Butty

    Great colour for posing in but not for the poor visibility that accompanies wet weather…

  • Gary Jogela

    Bargain,I’ll take two at that price please