Father’s Day comes up again this month and it’s on the 18th. So be prepared with Cycling Weekly’s handy guide to keeping the cycling dad in your life happy

On Sunday June 18, it’s that day again when excited dads everywhere can hardly sleep and wake at dawn to dash downstairs and see what presents their loving family has got them for Father’s Day this year.

And since dad loves his bike almost as much as his family – and often seems to think his bike is his family – you don’t want to disappoint him by ignoring his life’s great passion (apart from his partner and kids, that is).

So what to get the cycling dad this year? Here are our eleven suggestions.

The best gift of all

Cyclists love a Cycling Weekly subscription. Full of cycling news, suggestions to up his fitness and outride his mates and shiny new kit ideas to up his game, it’s sure to keep him quiet for hours each week. All priced from £2.14 an issue.

Buy now: Cycling Weekly subscription for £54.49 for 25 issues

A yellow jersey

Dad can get that Chris Froome feeling with a replica Tour de France yellow jersey. Of course, it does mean he has to beat his mates now. But that’s no bad thing as he will have to stick to the diet to keep to his “race weight”.

And why not add a copy of Cycling Weekly’s Tour magazine? Dad can read the pages of details and analysis of the world’s greatest cycling event, coming up in July. And he gets a free pair of yellow socks with it to match the jersey too.

Buy now: Tour magazine with free yellow socks from Cycling Weekly for £8.99


All cycling dads love a bit of Castelli kit. It’s the brand that kits out Team Sky, so it’s often quite pricey. But the S.Uno mitts give that Italian pro look without breaking the bank. And a new set of mitts is always handy for when the last pair get left by the roadside after a repair.

Elite Fly bottle

Yes, we know he’s got a cupboard full of bottles from various sportives he’s done. But we bet he doesn’t have one of the new Elite Fly bottles. It’s used by twelve WorldTour pro teams and has thinner walls for added squeezability and faster slurping.

There is a whole range in team colours, so dad can show his allegiances. And best of all it weighs half as much as a standard bottle, so that KOM may just be within his reach now.

Protein bars

We’re told that you should take in 20-30g of protein after a ride to kick start the recovery process, ready to set off again. So a box of protein recovery bars will keep dad happy and speed him on his way. The Clif Builder bars are all natural with protein from soya and nuts – and they taste great too.

New bar tape

Bar tape looking a bit tatty? Smarten up dad’s steed with Hex tape from UK brand Fabric. It’s super-grippy, comes in six different colours and includes shock absorbing silicone gel.

A new Garmin

Garmin computers are getting sleeker and smarter. The Garmin Edge 520 gives lots of stats in a compact format with a large screen. But if dad’s navigational skills aren’t that good, you might want to consider an Edge 1000, with full blown turn-by-turn mapping.

A power meter

geraint thomas pinarello dogma k8 tour de france bike stages power meterAnother bit of one-upmanship cycling kit is a power meter. This lets dad brag about his peak power and pedalling efficiency. And Stages power meters are used by Team Sky, so they must be good.

A sportive entry

Send dad out on a sportive. He can enjoy the atmosphere and the free eats and drinks at the feed stops and chat about gear ratios and the hills passed and to come with other riders. There’s free mechanical assistance during the ride and a medal at the end.

Why not get the kids along too to enjoy the ride? Under 16s are free on UK Cycling Events, with rides up and down the country.

Buy now: Sportive entry from UK Cycling Events from £26.00

Strava Premium subscription

Cycling dads love to brag about their achievements – and there’s nowhere else for a cyclist to brag but on Strava. With a premium subscription, dad can chunter on about his Suffer Score.

He can also access Strava Live, which tells him immediately how much better he’s done than his mates. And Strava Beacon lets you know his exact location when he calls out the sag wagon half way through an “epic” ride.

Buy now: Strava Premium one year subscription from Strava for £44.99 (or £5.99 monthly)

A Pinarello Dogma F10

You know that Dogma F8 you bought him for Father’s Day last year? It’s out of date. Pinarello has now replaced it with the F10. Yes, we know it looks the same, but there’s a more aero concave down tube profile that shields the water bottle for marginal gains. And an F8 just looks so passé at the café stop now doesn’t it?

Buy now: Pinarello Dogma F10 from Sigma Sport for £9250.00


So that’s it for this Father’s Day. Remember, a cycling dad is a happy dad. And what cycling dad wouldn’t be happy to have his family spend around ten grand on his number one two obsession on Father’s Day? Unless it’s paid for on a joint credit card, of course.