Giro leader takes exception to fan on the road side holding a go-pro on a stick above the riders

There’s a time and a place to get a photo with your favourite rider, but mid-race probably isn’t the ideal moment.

And Giro d’Italia leader Alberto Contador (Tinkoff-Saxo) seems to agree, as he was shown pulling down a spectator’s GoPro which hovered over the heads of the riders in the peloton as they navigated a climb on Sunday’s stage 15.

It’s definitely not the first and most certainly will not be the last time a fan with a camera disrupts a rider, as our list of fan fails shows.

The Spaniard managed to extend his lead over Italy’s Fabio Aru (Astana) despite the mishap, and despite Aru’s Astana team attempting to take control as Contador’s teammates fell away on the final climb to Madonna di Campiglio.

Contador now heads into the final week of the Giro with a 2-35 lead over Aru, with Tuesday’s stage seeing the riders head up the fearsome Mortirolo Pass, with a number of other tough mountain stages to come in the closing few days.

  • Namothy

    If you are in a public space, in most country you may be photographed without consent. Taking a picture is not the same as destroying thousands of years of culture, killing the disabled, killing gypsies, Jews and other unwanted things as the Nazi’s did. Your comparison of taking a photograph to these actions is asinine, if not downright sick and underscores a puerility which you should be alarmed about.

    Also advising that you would track down someone who takes your photograph and that they would be dealt with in some extreme way again alludes to a disorder of the mind which you really need to seek help about. You do not appear to be a rational or reasonable individual.

  • God TheFather

    I am a HUMAN BEING and YOU or any other humans have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER to take my picture if I don’t want to. What is this planet? NAZI-EARTH? If I see my picture somewhere you can be assured that I will find the location where that person lives and it will know what rights IT has! This is a matter of personal belief and if your government friends don’t like it they can FOK OFF. This war is FAR from over!

  • Namothy

    That’s not how copyright works. I can take a picture of anyone I want. I will own the rights to that image unless the person has applied for image rights which is normally impossible unless they can succesfully include their image when applying for a trademark for themselves. Beckham is one example of someone who has done this. It is uncommon.

    Conversely, if Contador wanted to use the images the go-pro guy took, he would need to pay the photographer for his work.

  • God TheFather

    He is in his right. ANY images of me will have to be paid a lot. You want to see my picture? Pay for it! I will accept anything from 67 mill to 125 mill.

  • Zogzog

    It appears that the camera was too close to the rider, but not by much. The camera should be kept out of reach. I don’t see any problem with the camera being help overhead, as long as it is not so close that it could hit a rider. I’d say that a safe distance is just out of arms reach if overhead. Of course, from the side, there are always hundreds of photographers within an arms reach most of the time, when entering the finishing stretch, when the riders are near the side barricades. It would be completely wrong for Contador to reach out to the crowd on his right (if he was there) and knock a camera out of someone’s hand there. But the overhead angle should be done with something like curved arm, not some very thin selfie stick. If this was a photographers blog, rather than a cycle racer blog, you would see a lot more people supporting the photographer’s viewpoint.

  • Richard Marston

    How long before the first drone incident?

  • Alan59

    What is wrong with some people ?

  • JohnC

    Personally, not a big fan of Contador’s, but I applaud this maneuver!

  • Alice Pattinson

    I think he just did the right thing to do in that Selfie Stick Pro.

  • NitroFan

    Well done Contador, some of the people recently attracted to cycling do not seem to know the accepted etiquette and customs like the long term fans.

  • I didn’t see the incident watching live the Stage last Night, but that Fan was lucky that Alberto did not get off his Bike last night and deliver a knuckle Sandwich. His ride last Night considering all things was just magnificent and the Man went way up in my estimation, long live the King of Modern Day Stage Racing.

  • Man in motion

    It seems like some people (read “idiots”) are interpreting “spectator sport” the wrong way. They should learn “spectator” means you take no part in the action, either directly or indirectly.

  • Wendy Hawkins

    Good for him. Too many so called fans are disrupting races cos they want a selfie and landing the riders in hospital. If they were TRUE fans they would RESPECT the riders and the fact they are in the middle of a race thereby keeping them all SAFE by doing nothing more than cheering them on.

  • dodgerking

    Good for him. He was riding on the left side of the riders and the camera still was able to be stuck in front of him, meaning that the stick itself was in the way of other riders.

    Stop impeding with the race and things like this won’t happen.