Mark Cavendish lost another chance to win in the Giro d’Italia today in Montecatini Terme. His Sky train rumbled through the last bend, but over-powered and out of control. Geraint Thomas’ pedal hit the ground and caused his wheel to jump, Cavendish lost momentum and Roberto Ferrari (Androni) shot clear.

“I was screaming the last kilometres to be careful,” Cavendish said on TV afterwards. “I’m a little disappointed with Geraint, he wasn’t careful. I let him know right after the finish.”

Thomas is usually free with his time, but today preferred not to comment immediately about the sprint.

“Everything went perfect until that last corner,” Pete Kennaugh told Cycling Weekly. He led Thomas and Cavendish into the final tight corner. “I just went flat-out into the corner, took it a bit sharper than I thought. I was not sure what was going on behind… I didn’t take it very well, to be honest.”

“I had a big gear, I expected to carry the speed,” Cavendish added. “I lost my speed. If I used a smaller gear, I could’ve carried the speed more.”

Cavendish already missed two opportunities in the Giro d’Italia to sprint due to crashes. In Horsens, Ferrari clipped his front wheel and in Frosinone, Matt Goss (Orica) and Filippo Pozzato (Farnese Vini) held him up when they collided.

“In Fano I had the perfect lead out, but we’re still learning. It’s the first time I have raced with Kennaugh. As with everything, you start in a new team, you start fresh. I’m lucky to have won six to seven races this year. I don’t think we’ve done such a bad job,” added Cavendish.

“I have good condition, I came to the Giro in good condition. I survived the mountains well. Today, I was on the climb okay. I’m happy with my form, for sure, I’ll be better at the Tour [de France]. But, I came to the Giro with good form, this stage was important because of my home here. I was disappointed to lose here.”

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  • Ken Evans

    As long as he doesn’t crash again,
    and has top form for the Olympics.

  • derekbiggerstaff

    His fans are even more paranoid than he is!

  • Guy

    That is the face of a sprinter who likes to win and takes loosing as an insult.

  • Bows

    Seems to be norm these days to as a tricky corner or a cat 3/4 hill very close to the end. Given how Cav has dominated sprint finishes over the last few years you can’t help but think it was to target him. It didn’t work too well (neither did the change to the intermediate sprints on the tour last year).

    Reminds of when Tiger Woods was dominating and championship courses used to drop in bunkers at his driving range. Didn’t work too well with him either………….the tree and ‘ladies’ eventually got him. Maybe they should install a staircase in the Olympic 100m to slow down Bolt or rotating board to stop Phil Taylor (jumping sports a bit aren’t I).

    The shame is that it removes the true sprint feel to it and makes it a lottery. True, sprints have changed over the last few years where now they are a team effort before a final push by the main man.

    Regardless of one man dominating a stage with an expected sprint finish should have at least a 500-750m run to the line without bends, roundabouts, cattle grids, mines, tripwires or whatever they want to throw in to stop Cavendish..

  • Mac

    Complains, complains, complains… and organizers’ conspiracy… poor sprinter that cannot negotiate corners… he is really good sprinter but he needs to mature… he is such a menthal kid so far

  • JD

    Ironically, he’d have been fine if Sky *hadn’t* led him out on the last corner.

    Beaten by a third-rank sprinter like Ferrari.. I just bet the organisers have added a bend near the finish on Friday’s stage into Cervere to nix the fast men once again.