The Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell is a great wet-weather weapon that'll keep you dry whatever the heavens throw at you

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Endura Pro SL Shell jacket


  • Really waterproof
  • Big vent
  • Stuffable
  • High neck


  • Short in the arms


Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell jacket


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The Pro SL is Endura’s lightweight, year-round wet-weather jacket that’ll definitely keep you dry through the worst of it.

Endura claims that the jacket’s breathability and waterproofing comes about because of the Exoshell 40 technology. Basically, they’ve managed to manufacture a membrane in the jacket that is 50 per cent thinner than other waterproof membranes. The finished product is a jacket that feels lightweight, but gets rid of any excess heat build-up.

It felt right that the jacket should return home for the test, to the west coast of Scotland – literally the wettest place in the UK – perfect for putting this wet-weather weapon through its paces.

Endura Pro SL Shell

The Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell jacket’s Exoshell 40 is a thinner membrane than on other waterproofs

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It was indeed the ideal proving ground: long rides in the torrential Scottish rain during which the jacket managed to perform spectacularly well.

The jacket sheds water, making it run off in beads. Over the course of a 110km ride, all in the rain, the jacket never once gave in and let me get wet.

Just as its stats suggest it’s also very windproof, holding off strong gusts and gales. The storm flap over the zip and the high neck added extra protection against any wind and rain that otherwise might have snuck in.

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Endura also claims that the jacket is packable, folding down to a small size. It has certainly tried hard to facilitate this, including an elasticated band on the neck to keep the jacket folded in place.

In reality, I did find the jacket was able to sit in a pocket, but it wasn’t as packable as Endura suggests. That said, I’ll take the sacrifice considering how technically superb the jacket is. Great wet-weather jackets don’t come in small sizes, so it’s impressive Endura has achieved what it has with the SL Pro.

Either way, there was no way the conditions would have allowed the jacket to be removed, so it didn’t need stuffing that often.

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Elasticated band on the neck of the Endura Pro SL Shell

The Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell has an elasticated band helps keep the jacket packable

If you’re wearing a jacket all day it’s important that it breathes well and the Endura FS260-Pro SL does. Endura says the thinner membrane lets the worst of the heat out, and the rest exits via one large vent that’s on the side.

On long rides I was able to keep the jacket on, open the vent and not overheat – this included riding with three layers on underneath.

The negatives? It doesn’t fit my long arms quite right and when stretched over I found the sleeves pulled up the wrists a little too much. However, my gangly levers have stretched out of quite a few jackets in their time.


Endura's claims are borne out by our experience with the Endura FS260-Pro SL: it's exceptionally waterproof, impressively windproof and highly breathable.


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