Our MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey review: built for the Australian summer and tested in the British one

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Score 9

MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey


  • Seriously lightweight
  • Very cool
  • Looks great
  • Shallow collar


  • Arm cuffs could do with a bit more compression


MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey


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The MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey from Aussie brand MAAP is its lightest ever piece of kit, for use in all but the hottest conditions. Coming from Melbourne, we expect MAAP to know a thing or two about riding in the heat.

Just like the rest of MAAP’s line, the MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey is a great-looking piece of kit. It has a good-looking design and a shallow collar – a personal favourite of mine on a summer jersey.

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The arms on the MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey

The arm cuffs could do with having a bit more grip

It’s worth mentioning that base layers from other companies might not fit as well underneath it, but it fits perfectly with MAAP’s own seamless base layer.

Despite its feather weight, MAAP manages to jam a ton of tech into its slim body. According to the Aussie brand, it has special Coldblack treatment that allows it to reflect heat when in direct sunlight, and despite its thin make-up it still blocks UV up to SPF 30.

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The back of the MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey

Three rear pockets and a figure-hugging design

I can’t attest to its heat-reflecting properties, but the jersey is very cool. The gridlock design runs from armpit to waist down the sides, and up over the shoulders, giving a great amount of space for your body to breathe.

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As you might expect, the MAAP M-Flag Pro Light jersey has a very tight fit, with an elastic waistband that allows it to hug your body. The arms should also sit tight, although I found they still pulled up my upper arms when crouched over the bars.

Of course this might be because my arms are like breadsticks, but it’d still be nice to see a bit more compression applied to the cuffs to hold them in place.

Happily, three pockets across the back still make it easy to carry your essentials on every ride.