We put the sub-£400 Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels through their paces

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Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels


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Hunt Race Season Aero Wide tubeless ready wheels


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A quick glance at the marketing spiel for the £399 Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels and I couldn’t help but think that some of the claims were a little too good to be true. Strong, light, stiff tubeless wheels at a sub-400 quid price tag? Really?

Yes, really. These wheels certainly live up to the hyperbole (and more) when out on the road.

As you would expect from all wheels in this day and age (ok, except tubs), the Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels are tubeless-ready. However, sometimes that means that you simply get all the parts slung in a box, but thankfully Hunt has set these wheels up ready to go, with two layers of tubeless rim tape already fitted.

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As with all tubeless systems, setup was relatively straightforward even if getting the tyres onto the rim did prove a little tough. But once you’ve got the tyres in place the rims provide and excellent seal with minimal air leakage overnight (ours generally lost 10psi per night), a common problem with tubeless tyres. And of course you can also run them with normal clinchers too.

You can probably guess from the name that the Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels are slightly wider than some of Hunt’s other wheels, with an internal rim width of 19mm and an external width of 24mm – not quite in Zipp or Enve territory but not far off.

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What that means in practice is that the wheels are designed to work best in conjunction with wider tyres. I have to admit that I used them with a set of 23mm tyres, but even these sat like a pair of 25mm tyres when mounted on the rim, meaning improved comfort and grip, and lower rolling resistance, and I’m sure that 25mm or 28mm tyres would make things even better. Indeed Hunt says that these rims will work with anything up to 34mm tyres if you want to fit them with cyclocross tyres.

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Despite the name, the Hunt Race Aero Wide wheels aren’t designed to be especially aerodynamic. The rim is only 31mm deep and, on feel at least, doesn’t really seem to offer a huge amount of aero gain, so if you’re looking to buy wheels specifically for their aerodynamic properties then look elsewhere with deeper section rims.

If this is a negative point, then it is a very small one that is more than made up for elsewhere with these wheels.

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For the price, the weight is very reasonable, with the 690g front wheel and 880g rear wheel giving a total weight of 1570g. This is 100-200g less than most other tubeless wheelsets that you’d find between £300 and £600.

This is combined with impressive stiffness and robustness. Hunt HQ is in the heart of Sussex and it’s clear that these wheels have been built to perform on the dodgy local lanes. They stood up to a battering over the course of a number of months of testing, remaining straight and true.

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I also didn’t experience any brake rub, no matter how close I ran the brake pads and how much I threw the bike from side to side when engaging full gas sprint mode. This lateral stiffness combined with the low weight also makes them excellent in the hills, giving sharp acceleration when needed.

All in all a seriously impressive pair of wheels from a brand that will surely be troubling the big boys very soon.

For more details visit the Hunt Bike Wheels website.


For less than £400, the Hunt Race Aero Wide wheel offer exceptional performance and value for money. They're light, stiff, well-made, and tubeless ready, and frankly I really can't find fault in them


Rim Depth:31mm
Internal Rim Width:19mm
External Rim Width:24mm
Weight (front):690g
Weight (rear):880g
Weight (total):1570g
Hubs:Race Season straight-pull super-light QR 6061-T6, 7075-T6 axle and freehub. Steel spline insert
Spokes:20F/24R Pillar PSRXTRA Aero super-light straight pull
Nipples:14mm alloy hex-head, square body