If you’re trying to improve yourself as a rider, it can often be difficult to know whether you’re eating the right things to really get the best out of yourself.

And while every meal is important, getting your breakfast right ahead of your ride is pretty vital in making sure you maximise your potential out on the road.

Now we know you’re pushed for time (who isn’t these days?), but this pro breakfast from Team Sky chef James Forsyth couldn’t really be any easier, with absolutely no cooking involved. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:

Carrots (grated)
Dried fruit
Orange juice
Milk (optional)

Follow the video along to see exactly how to put these all together, and remember, a lot of these ingredients are interchangeable to suit your tastes. Use apple juice instead of orange if you like, or ditch the dates if you’re not a fan.

  • richardremlap

    Yes, as Dan rightly says, a variety of Bircher muesli. I have this breakfast treat everyday, but without the carrots (although I’ll add them now) grape apple juice, not orange, and natural yoghurt instead of milk.

    It’s the best breakfast that I’ve found.

  • J1

    But Sky did it, so it’s a pioneering advancement in nutritional proficiency and could extract 0.003 watts/kg over 40km.

  • Liz Miller

    Was pleased to see it was a lady holding the bowl. Thought James was wearing nail varnish and no gloves! Marginal losses

  • Dan Cole

    Err, isn’t this just bircher muesli? Not exactly a nutritional breakthrough!! Although it is a very tasty and nutritious breakfast.