12 things we’ve learnt from the launch of CW5000

Only a month in and the CW5000 challengers have been racking up the miles

We’re less than a month into 2020 but the CW5000 members have already logged a ton of miles and have been battling the cold and wet weather to set a strong foundation for their annual challenge. In the Strava group alone 9,467 rides have already been logged, totalling 162,723 miles and 3,912,090 feet of climbing.

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Here are 12 things we’ve learnt from the CW5000 community so far…

1. CW5000 members are not afraid of the cold

11,147 rides, 471,723 miles and 5,096,701 ft of climbing and counting in the CW5000 Strava group in Jan.

2. CW5000 members are up for the challenge no matter what

In the face of a debilitating illness, it is the motivation to do just a little bit more that is important.

3. The work experience lad is a bonker

Bonking isn’t always fun.

 4. People ACTUALLY use our mileage chart

It still counts even if it isn’t on Strava.

5. To ride 100 miles in January, you will probably have to do some of it in the dark

It’s important to have a good set of lights when clocking up the miles in January

6. You have more chance of completing the challenge if you have a ‘pain cave’

It’s safer riding in the shed.

7. Every mile counts – even if it means strapping your Garmin to your kids bike

Roping in your children to boost your mileage count isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught.

8. There is always time for a well thought out graph

Motivation 101: Miles = Calories = Wine

8. The miles add up when you switch car journeys for bike rides

If we didn’t get the bike out for anything less than 25 miles we’d get nowhere near the target.


Or train journeys for bike rides

9. Commuting by bike allows you to stop and admire the view

There are some stunning views to savor on the morning commute especially in winter, which you don’t get time to stop and appreciate when you’re in a car or on a train.

10. There are wordsmiths among us

We are all daydreaming of Spanish sun.

11. You should never let a ferry trip (or five) get in the way of a good ride

By challenging yourself to ride more, you end up planning routes you wouldn’t do normally, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day – one big adventure.

12. It is going to get expensive…

The more we ride our bikes, the more time we spend browsing bike parts online or popping into our local bike shop. Willpower will be tested!

…not to mention the cake

Sign up to the CW5000 challenge and be inspired to ride further in 2020.

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