Ask a coach: ‘Is cycling bad for your posture?’

Hours spent hunched over the bars is one thing - combine that with a desk job and it’s easy for neck and shoulder pain to develop. Coach Welburn shares his tips on how to recover your posture

Male cyclist sprinting
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As part of a structured training programme, long hours in the saddle might be great for our aerobic fitness - but what are the consequences to our posture? Especially in combination with working long hours at a desk, could we be causing ourselves greater issues down the line?

Let's take a look at the bigger picture. In this article, cycling coach Alex Welburn runs us through the key elements which influence our posture - some for the better, others for the worse. Most importantly, we’ll cover what you can do to minimize the risks and beat the slump.

Alex Welburn
Alex Welburn

Performance cycling coach Alex Welburn is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly's Ask a Cycling Coach series, online every Wednesday. He's currently completing a PhD on Critical power and W' at Loughborough University whilst also managing the Performance Project, in which he coaches athletes and provides consultation.

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Alex Welburn

Alex is a Physiologist, Performance Coach, who also lectures occasionally at Loughborough

University where he is completing his PhD in Critical power and W'.


After competing for over 10 years on the bike, where he has competed for GB in both

cyclocross and mountain bike events, he now spends his spare time in the mountains as an

aspiring guide. Alex has worked with cyclists of all levels over the last 9 years, from ultra-

endurance world champions to the Women’s TDF. Supporting his PhD he manages The

Performance Project, consulting with and coaching athletes. Finally, he is also a proud

sponsor of southern based LAKA X Pedal Mafia Race Team.