I'm a cycling injury expert, and here's what I think of hot and cold therapy

People have been using heat and cold to treat pain, soreness and injury for thousands of years – is it still effective in the 21st century? Dr Graham Theobald, a cycling injury expert, assesses the current research and application

Man gets into ice bath
Ice baths are very much in vogue right now...
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Heat and cold have existed as treatments since ancient Greece and Roman times. Hippocrates and Plato, pioneers in the world of modern medicine and philosophy, were among the first people to study the effects of hot and cold water while documenting their benefits for scientific purposes. Understanding how they work and whether they work may help you to effectively manage your next cycling injury and maximise your performance. 

Dr Graham Theobald
Dr Graham Theobald

Dr Graham Theobald, BSc (Hons), MPhil, MSST, PhD is the Clinical Director, Lead Clinician and Clinical Educator at The Body Rehab. He is a musculoskeletal/knee specialist and his special area of clinical interest is knee pain and associated dysfunction.

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