Cycling workout of the week #5: Under/Overs – improve your ability to recover while still pushing the pace [59 mins]

Do if…you want to improve your threshold power and your capacity to recover at higher intensities

Image shows a rider completing an unders / overs cycling workout.
(Image credit: Future)

The goal of this cycling workout is not only to help us perform at intensities above Crticial Power, but also to aid recovery from high intensity efforts. For example, if you’ve pushed hard on a steeper section of a climb and then want to recover on a flatter section whilst still keeping some intensity. The benefits of this workout could be valuable either in a race situation or on any climb you’re looking to improve your time on.

What's coming up? So this week’s cycling workout involves a longer warm up of 15 minutes followed by a block of one minute at 110/120 per cent of Critical Power (CP), then two minutes at 95 per cent of CP, times four (12 minute total block). 10 minutes recovery, then repeat the 'under/over' block, with a 10 minute cool down to finish off.

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