Drop it like it's hot! The best dropper seatposts and levers for gravel bikes 2024

Do you want more speed, control and awesomeness from your gravel bike? Then you want a dropper seatpost. Here's our pick of the best posts and levers your money can buy (whatever your budget)

Rock shox reverb dropper seatpost
(Image credit: Rachel Sokal)

Commonplace on mountain bikes, dropper posts allow you to easily drop the height of your saddle. In turn this allows you more space to move your weight around in order to get more grip and control out your bike. 

Typically, most people think about using a dropper to allow them to get their weight lower and further back on steep terrain, but this is only a small part of it. Being able to drop your centre of gravity, lean into corners and get out of the wind can all really help with better control and speed on all sorts of terrain. Not only is this an obvious benefit for many a gravel rider, roadies are starting to see the benefit too (just ask Matej Mohoric).

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Rachel has been writing about and reviewing bike tech for the last 10 years. Cynical by nature, Rachel never really trusts the marketing hype and prefers to give products a mighty good testing before deciding whether they're worth buying or not. 

Rachel's first riding love is mountain biking where she's been European and UK 24hr Champion on more than one occasion. She's not just confined to the trails though and regularly rides - and occasionally races - on gravel and road too.