A lot more UK cyclists did 100-mile rides in 2022 than 2021, Strava data reveals

The company's Year in Sport report shows exercise trends have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels

A group of road cyclists riding together
(Image credit: Getty)

More cyclists in the UK took on longer distance rides in 2022 than the year before, according to data published today by exercise tracking application Strava.

Compared to 2021 figures, the company saw a 46% increase in the number of UK cyclists uploading rides over 100 miles (161km) to the platform. This was significantly higher increase than in other countries, such as France which noted a 37% increase and the USA, where the figure rose by 12%. 

The data, revealed as part of Strava’s 2022 Year in Sport report, coincides with a general rise in group activities across the platform following Covid lockdowns. 

According to Strava, athletes who exercised in pairs went longer in both time and distance than when they were on their own, and longer still in larger groups. 

Company CEO Michael Horvath said: “Global trends in this year’s data show tremendous energy for activities we can do together.

“The feelings of joy and connection we get by being active together can be amplified and inspire others when we share all the aspects of our active lives with our community.”

E-bike rides on the rise

Strava also recorded an increase in the number of users logging an e-bike ride on the platform, which has grown by 26% compared to 2021. 

Speaking at the platform's Year in Sport event inside London’s Tate Modern this morning, paralympian Dame Sarah Storey said that e-bikes are “the future”.

“E-bikes are here to stay and will take over the world,” added Storey, the active travel commissioner for Greater Manchester, who rode to the event on a folding electric bicycle. 

According to Strava usage trends, e-bike trips are 30% more likely to be commutes than non e-bike trips. In 2022, the platform noted that commuting reached near pre-pandemic levels, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays by far the most popular days for travelling into work. 

As well as commuting, international travel also rebounded back to 2019 levels. Athletes logging activities abroad more than doubled in 2022, with Spain the top travel destination. For Brits, the most popular destination was Spain’s Balearic Islands, which include the cycling haven of Mallorca. 

More generally, there were more than 7 billion activities shared on Strava in 2022, with users present in every country on earth. 

Strava users will be able to view their own, personalised Year in Sport on 15 December. 

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