A rider's paradise: Why the Dolomites are still the best place to ride your bike

The famous mountain range has some of the best climbs in the world. Adam Becket goes in search of one of the hardest.

Dolomites ride
(Image credit: Freddy Planinschek)

At dusk and dawn, if you’re lucky, in the Dolomites you can experience a phenomenon that’s unique. As the light is in its in-between period, passing through its liminal space from day to night, the mountains start to glow a pink-red colour. The phenomenon, which has its own name - enrosadira - is one of the many things that are special about this part of the world.

The mountains here feel different from anywhere else. They’re jagged and pointy, screaming out into the air. You both do and don’t have time to contemplate the majesty around you as you cycle through this landscape; a part of the world less than three hours from Venice but as isolated as it is possible to be in the centre of Europe. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unlike my closest one at home - Bath - it is fully based on the beauty of the natural landscape.

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