Big interview: Professor Phil Goodwin

Professor Phil Goodwin

Professor Phil Goodwin is a man whose retirement took an unexpected turn when he was invited to write the Get Britain Cycling report following the Parliamentary inquiry last year.

Head of transport studies at Oxford University for 16 years, before working at University College London and University of the West of England, he believed long before most of us that, given the choice, people will get out of their cars. Laura Laker visited his East London home to talk cycling.

Tell us about your early career...PG: Most of my work has been what we now refer to as sustainable transport policy, though at the time, that wasn't the buzz phrase (during the 1970s and 1980s). The old idea that you can't change human nature, that people love their cars, that they're going to drive whatever the circumstances; throughout I was saying that's actually not true, you've just got to look beneath the surface.

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