Drink driver who crashed into a cyclist and told police 'I hate cyclists' discharged from court without any time in prison

Jade Edmonds was left with brain damage and partial loss of sight after being crashed into in Greater Manchester

Police tape
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A driver who crashed into a cyclist, leaving her with brain damage and partial loss of sight in one eye, has been discharged from court without any time in prison. 

Janice McVicar, who was found to have 168 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of her blood - the legal limit is 80 milligrams - was deemed unfit to stand trial. 

A jury was asked to decide whether the 57-year-old had committed the acts she was accused of. The charges were that she drove dangerously and whether or not she caused serious injury by driving dangerously.

McVicar, of Grange Drive, Eccles, was found to have crashed into Jade Edmonds with her Range Rover by a jury at Manchester Crown Court this week, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Edmonds, who had taken up cycling to get fit for her wedding, was left with injuries including brain damage and partial loss of sight in one eye. She had to have her face rebuilt during surgery and has been left with a scar from "ear to ear".

She also suffered from a broken femur, a broken wrist, and damage to one of her kidneys. Edmonds was left with 10 percent vision in her right eye.

The jury found that McVicar had crashed into Edmonds in her Range Rover on Moorside Road in Swinton, Greater Manchester, in June 2020. She was driving after having had a Barcardi and coke.

She then stopped in the middle of the road in an attempt to move an airbag that had gone off, before crashing into a parked car and rolling her white Range Rover Evoque onto its side.

McVicar was reported to have told police: “I know I shouldn’t have been driving. I had a drink, I have done wrong, I’m sorry.” 

She then went on to tell police: “I didn’t think I was over the limit. I hate cyclists, I can’t stand them. Some of them are stupid, aren’t they. I’ll sign anything, I admit I’ve done it, I just want to go home.”

McVicar's GP advised that she falls under the Disability Act. Following the decision of the jury, her driving licence has been sent to the Secretary of State to decide whether she will be disqualified.

Edmonds said that she did not remember anything from the incident, which occurred during the first lockdown two years ago.

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