In search of the world's best club jersey: Torvelo vs Chequamegon Coasters

Every week we pit two club kits against each other and you get to vote on the best designs. Plus - poll results

Torvelo and Chequamegon Coasters for Jersey Clash
(Image credit: Future / Simon Scarsbrook)

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Ever clocked a local club run speeding past and reckoned their amazing kit could teach the WorldTour fashionistas a thing or two? Or maybe you felt it had no place being displayed in a public place and should be consigned to the recycled fabrics bin in the supermarket car park.

A little harsh perhaps, but in any case, now you get to take a better look as we assemble club kits from all over the place and get the stories behind them. Even better, you get to choose your favourites in a weekly poll – this isn't called Club Jersey Clash for nothing! In each week's instalment we'll announce the winner of the previous week's clash.

Meet our clubs this week: Glasgow-based Torvelo, and Chequamegon Coasters of Wisconsin USA. Let battle commence!

Riders from the Chequamegon Coasters cycling club for jersey clash

(Image credit: Chequamegon Coasters)

We spoke to Steve Vizanko from Chequamegon Coasters:

Q: How long has the club been going and what sort of riding do your members do?
Our club has been riding for about 30 years, mostly on the paved roads with gravel becoming an interest lately. We also have the CAMBA mountain bike trail network close by and the Lifetime Chequamegon 40 race and mountain bike festival in the fall.

Q: Tell us the story behind the jersey design.
We have aspired to our own jersey for some time before finally realising the design and production when Castelli opened their custom shop. Color choices fell into place once we secured permission from Joseph Tomelleri to use the Coaster Brook Trout illustration. (It turned out he is a fellow cyclist). The design work was done by our members with Castelli contributing their expertise with the final art files and production.

Q: What are some of the most interesting rides - or biggest achievements - members have worn it for?
Our finest achievement is consistently organizing interesting rides in the area that are well attended by a range of riders. Our default Saturday morning coffee ride is a 40-mile round trip from Washburn WI to Cornucopia WI, although we rotate through a half dozen different rides as the mood suits. 

Torvelo cycling team for jersey clash

(Image credit: Torvelo)

We spoke to Liam White of Torvelo:

Q: How long has the club been going and what sort of riding do your members do?
We're a Scottish amateur bike racing team set up by Torvelo Bike Repair in 2019 as an alternative pathway for bike racers who came to the sport late or found the more conventional pathways inaccessible.

Our focus is on keeping hard working and talented bike racers from across Scotland in the sport while providing a platform for those looking to develop and progress.

As a result, we have a presence in most racing disciplines in Scottish cycling with a large road racing and TT presence, as well as MTB and CX, track, esports and gravel. 

Q: Tell us the story behind the jersey design.
The kit was ultimately inspired by the retro St Raphael / Geminiani colourways of the late 50s. The jersey design takes its cues from the logo used by the shop where the team started.

As a brief, the designer was handed an Anquetil-era St Raphael jersey and a breakdown of the name – Tor (a hill in old Scots) and Velo (bicycle). The designer responded saying they'd create a logo that wouldn't look out of place on a Merckx era Molteni team car. The designer nailed the brief and all these components made the team kit design fairly easy.

We wanted it to pop in bunches and be something that would endure over time. The design has remained unchanged since the team was formed. We've worked with a couple of suppliers and currently get our full range of kit from Castelli.

Q: What are some of the most interesting rides - or biggest achievements - members have worn it for?
We have been lucky enough to have some brilliant, homegrown talents taking on some of the biggest races and events in the country. The Torvelo jersey has won the Scottish criterium championships and Scottish vets road race championships. It has appeared on TV on the front of the British road race championships and also been to the fixed gear world championships.

It has even been ridden over Icelandic volcanoes during some more adventurous gravel racing! 

It's time to vote!

Who has won so far?

We can now bring you the results of the previous polls we have cast. Remember though, it's just for fun!

Welland Valley CC (63%) v Thanet RC (37%)

Halesowen CC (70%) v 3C Cycling Club (30%)

Honister 92 (22%) v Kendal CC (78%)

Kibworth CC (57%) v Jubilee CC (43%)

Thanks for voting!

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