It's time to head back to the coast. Here are your CW5000 August challenges

Another two challenges to inspire your riding and help you get those miles in this summer

CW5000 challenges
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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside ..... It's August, so that means it's summer holiday time. And that, for many, should involve a trip to the seaside. And that means two things. Ice cream, and the return of a popular challenge. Certainly one that always produces some nice photography.

And with plenty of miles to be ridden for most of us too, for the first time we're setting you a double challenge. Not just one big ride, but too.

As ever we want to know how you take on these challenges, the routes you ride and see the photos you take. You can post on the CW5000 Facebook group or email us at

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CW5000 challenges 2022

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1. Ride to the coast

A rite of passage for many a cyclist, the ride to the coast (and back in an ideal world) always makes for a good day out, especially when the sun is shining. That's why we set this challenge every year. Be sure to take a photo and tell us where you went and why.

Of course you don't have to ride back from the coast. If your nearest stretch of coastline is too far to get there and back, you can always take the train home. For those who live nowhere near the coast, we'll accept any big body of water. A lake, loch or reservoir. IRL rides for this one only please.

For those lucky enough to live on or near the coast, try seeking out a new place on the coast to ride to. As ever, the aim of these challenges is to inspire you to mix up your riding, try out some new routes and keep you motivated.

CW5000 challenges

(Image credit: Future)

2. Complete two four hour rides

A four hour ride might not be that hard at this time of year, but could you do it twice. Normally the time and mileage based challenges are one-offs, this is the first time we've asked you to do such a ride twice.

This challenge can be done indoors or out, and of course can be combined with your coast ride from challenge number one.

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