Cambridge teacher to attempt 48 ascents of Winnats Pass in one day

Teacher Will Salisbury will attempt 48 ascents of Winnats Pass in under 48 hours in July to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK

Winnats Pass (Anthony Parkes/CC2.0)

It's one of the toughest hills in the UK, but that's not stopping Cambridge teacher Will Salisbury attempting to ascend Winnats Pass 48 times in one day in July.

The brute of a climb sits just west of Castleton in the Peak District. It looks unassuming from far off, but as you get closer you can see just how challenging it is.

After a tough start, the hill then ramps up to 10 per cent and only gets steeper from there, reaching 20 per cent in places. May riders struggle doing the climb once and then vow never to try it again, but Salisbury wants to do three or four ascents an hour on July 4.

Salisbury will complete the full 1.8km Strava segment each time, with 48 ascents equalling 10,000m of climbing in the day.

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He is doing it to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, a condition that his father was diagnosed with, and hopes to raise £1,000.

Salisbury, who has survived cancer himself, has enlisted the help of JLT Condor performance manager Tim Kennaugh for coaching, as well as a few masseurs and nutritionists to help him on the day.

Donate to the cause on the fundraising page here.