Choose your favourite Cycling Weekly cover from the past 125 years

To accompany the special anniversary edition of Cycling Weekly, we want our readers to choose their favourite cover from the past 125 years

Cycling - as it was originally called - was launched in January 1891 and to celebrate the quasquicentennial anniversary the special edition of Cycling Weekly is on sale today.

To mark the release of the issue, we have brought together a selection of the best covers from the past 125 years and are asking you - our readers - to pick your favourite.

This cycling quiz takes the form of an ever-changing ranking system that allows you to both up-vote your favourite and down-vote any others.

One of the covers in particular may find itself receiving a fair few down-votes, an internet version of the boos and hisses directed at pantomime villains.

As well as the commemorative issue of the magazine, there will also be a sportive in September. Entries are open for you to sign up to be part of the leading cycling magazine's history.

Check back to see how your favourite is doing over the next week or so and remember to pick up your copy of Cycling Weekly. You can also subscribe here and get hold of the digital edition here.

Choose your favourite Cycling Weekly front cover from the past 125 years