French cyclist hits 207mph on rocket powered bike (video)

Daredevil rider Francois Gissy breaks bicycle speed record, going 0-207mph in under five seconds on a racing circuit in France

French rider Francois Gissy blasted himself to a new world bicycle speed record this weekend, riding his rocket-powered bike to 333kmph (207mph) in 4.8 seconds at a motor circuit in La Catallet, France.

The bike itself is stripped down to the bare essentials – a solid frame and a stretched out position so Gissy can control his super-speed machine, and is completely homemade.

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Surprisingly, the brakes are just ordinary pads, while the tyres are specially made by Michelin to handle the speed and weight load.

But to make his way to such a colossal speed, Gissy and his team had to use highly concentrated 90% hydrogen peroxide in the rocket engines.

He smashed the designated quarter-mile section of the circuit in an astonishing seven seconds, beating his own previous world record of 285kmph which he set in October 2013.

Used for what can only be assumed as a gimmick, Gissy raced a Ferrari F430, which inevitably, he beat (might have ruined the whole thing if he hadn’t.)

Still, he might be the fastest man on a bicycle in the world, but that’s one dodgy haircut.