DESPITE the Highway Code being redrafted following a protest by 11,000 cyclists last summer, the revised wording could still cause a legal nightmare.

The original draft told cyclists to ?to use cycle facilities…

where provided?. It has been changed to ?use cycle routes and cycle facilities…

where possible, as they can make your journey safer.?

The CTC fears that the new wording carries the same message as the first, allowing insurance companies acting for motorists who hit cyclists to reduce costs of a claim ? because the cyclist chose to use the road instead of the cycle path.

CTC Campaigns and Policy Manager Roger Geffen is calling for a subtle change to be made to the wording: ?use cycle facilities where they help with your journey?. This leaves the decision to the discretion of the cyclist, a very important point because many cycling facilities are of poor quality, and may expose to the cyclist to greater risk.

Geffen says the CTC is working hard behind the scenes to get the Code changed. If they are unsuccessful, they will turn to the Lords in the hope that they will vote it out, or initiate a Judicial Review against it.

The CTC wants to hear from cyclists who have been injured while using a cycle facility, or have suffered verbal or physical abuse, or bother from from the police as a result using the road rather than a so-called cycle facility nearby.

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