Hutchinson wins National 25 time trial

National 25-mile time trial photo gallery, by Andy Jones>>

Clocking a time of 48:23, Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit) claimed his third victory in the national 25-mile time trial championship this morning.

Despite national squad trackies Chris Newton and Andy Tennant also producing sub-50 minute rides, the 35 year old In Gear-Quickvit rider took the win comfortably with over a minute’s margin on Newton.

Although Hutchinson finished in the rain it had been a straightforward ride for him on the Norfolk course.

“It wasn’t as cold as I expected,” he said back at the event HQ in Attleborough . “It was quite scary on the last couple of roundabouts but it would have been a lot scarier if I’d been down and was trying to make up time.”

As it was Hutchinson had already gained a 48 second margin by the midway turn near Wymondham and could afford to exercise caution.

With the two internationals filling second and third spots on the podium, Matt Bottrill was again frustrated at being edged out into fourth place by just a handful of seconds.

The same had happened to him at the national ‘10’ championships a fortnight earlier, although today he could find some consolation in his I-Ride squad taking the team award.

There were few surprises in the women’s and junior’s ‘25’ championships with Julia Shaw (Utag Yamaha) and Joe Perrett (Glendene-Biketrax CC) both repeating the form they showed to win their respective 10-mile titles.

Perrett recorded a time of 53:07 to beat his team mate Tom Yeatman, while Shaw dominated her race, finishing near two minutes quicker than paralympian Sarah Storey.


1. Michael Hutchinson In Gear-Quickvit RT 48:23

2. Chris Newton Rapha-Condor 49:32

3. Andy Tennant Halfords Bikehut 49:53

4. Matt Bottrill Team I-Ride 50:06

5. Ben Instone 50:53

6. John Tuckett AW Cycles 51:23

7. Phil Sykes VC St Raphael 51:33

8. Danny Axford Arctic Premier RT 51:57

9. Peter Tadros In Gear Quickvit RT 52:09

10. Nik Bowlder Farnborough & Camberley CC 52:29

Team: Team I-Ride: Matt Bottrill (50:06); Julian Ramsbottom (53:51); Geoff Platts (53:53).


1. Julia Shaw Utag Yamaha 55:18

2. Sarah Storey VC St Raphael 57:13

3. Lynne Taylor Walsall Road CC 58:01

4. Ruth Eyles Beacon Roads CC 58:08

5. Lynn Hamel Team NCA 58:29

Team: a3crg: Lesley-Ann Walkling (59:26); Danuta Tinn (1:01:23); Sally St Leger (1:04:30)


1. Joe Perrett Glendene-Biketrax CC 53:07

2. Tom Yeatman Glendene-Biketrax CC 54:16

3. Jack Green Westmead Team 88 56:13

4. James Bowtell In Gear Cycling Development Squad 58:50

5. Tom Gosbee Team Welwyn 59:19

Junior women

1. Emily Davis CC Breckland 1:29:04

imageMichael Hutchinson, men’s winner

imageChris Newton, second

imageJulia Shaw, women’s winner

imageJoe Perrett, junior men’s winner


National 25-mile time trial photo gallery, by Andy Jones