The most ludicrous cycling myths revealed

Cycling Weekly readers nominate the most ludicrous cycling myth they have ever heard

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to name the most ludicrous myths relating to cycling that they have heard and we present a selection of answers here in association with B'Twin.

What is the most ludicrous cycling myth you have heard? Tell us in the comments section below.

“You don’t pay road tax.”

Christopher Hodds

It’s all downhill on the way back.

Martin Townsend

When your friends offer to go out for an easy ride.

John Dondertman

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“It’s all about the bike.” Simply twaddle. Bikes are like-for-like and samey at each level. It’s all about the rider. Or possibly... The Bass.

Mark Middleton

That 25mm tyres are better than 23mm... oh, there’s 28mm? They’re deffo better.

Nick Cook

You need to grind up hills in your big ring to get stronger. (It won’t destroy your knees.)

Duane Bridger

Painting a white line on the ground and calling it a cycle lane, makes it safer to ride on the road.

Steve Shears

That you can train yourself to do without the need for water.

Paul Savage

Every year your bike is destined to become obsolete. Bigger wheels, less gears, flat pedals, wider tyres. The bike industry has to keep selling stuff, right?! Meanwhile I’m still having fun riding steel road bikes, 26-inch mtb wheels and triple cranks.

Gary E Robertson

That cyclists have no respect for laws.

Aaron Maxwell

That ‘weight penalty’ is an actual penalty. If you get dropped, it wasn’t because your bike was 0.5kg heavier.

Michael Findley

That Mikel Landa will lead Movistar for next year’s Tour.

Piotr Kinjou Prow

That rim brakes work even when wet.

Michael Sutton

I’m not sure it’s ludicrous, but it’s widespread, and it’s a myth. Furious pedalling. It doesn’t exist. This surprised me very much, because when I was a lad, about 15 years old, I sprinted through an amber traffic light just about to change to red, unaware of the policeman watching. He pulled me over and lectured me for a bit, telling me the only reason he wasn’t taking me down to the station to charge me with furious pedalling was my age, and that I had to behave in future. It worked, mind you, in the 20-odd years since, I haven’t ever sprinted through lights just as they’re changing.

Thomas Willingham

Gravel bikes.

Neil Taylor

That comments on cycling Facebook pages are always respectful and unbiased in tone.

Christiane Therrien

That buying the same bike as your favourite rider will somehow give you the ability to ride like them.

Burdell Woodlin

The only way girls can keep up with the boys is on a Pinarello e-bike!

Beckie Head

That I don’t look good in Lycra.

Jon Elliott

My bank balance won’t suffer.

Martin Woollatt

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