'The one golden rule that all cyclists should follow'

We asked Cycling Weekly readers what one golden rule they thought all cyclists should follow, in association with B'Twin

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what their golden rule of cycling is. Here are a selection of answers, brought to you in association with B'Twin.

What do you think should be the one golden rule that all cyclists should follow? Let us know in the comments section below.

Please say hello and/or give a friendly nod or gesture to other cyclists, walkers, horse riders, etc. Being friendly and polite goes a long way.

Julian Barr

Stop at red lights. I was on a local reliability ride a few weeks ago, and 30 or more riders from a number of local clubs all deliberately (no doubt about it) went through a red light and turned right across traffic. Not only dangerous and stupid, but reflects extremely poorly on the cycling community as a whole.

Marc Mageean

Always make sure you’re prepared to repair a puncture at the roadside, in the middle of nowhere, in the rain. It happens to everyone eventually.

Andy Miller

Whenever descending, you have to shout, “Wheeeeeeeeee!”

Terry Hudson

Make sure to take control of the road. Remember you have the right to ride in the middle of the lane if it is risky to hug the kerb to let cars pass.

Chad Upton

Free your mind. Leave all your worldly thoughts behind you. Do all your worrying about finances, relationships, career, etc. before you get on your bike and head out. Once the pedals start to turn, cloak yourself in the sensations of how your body and bike feel together. Take in the scents, the sounds and the feeling of the sun and wind on your skin.

Reda Benazza

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Don’t push down with both legs at the same time.

Kris Eley

Ask for advice. Just don’t always listen to the loudest voice.

Tom Wall

Be humble and inspire people. Even if you’re racing as a first-cat or can go under 20 minutes for a 10-mile TT, spare 30 seconds for the new bloke on the club run.

Mark Griffin

Spare some time for the new guy on the club run

Never leave a bike with disc brakes unattended if there are children or pros around, lest they cut themselves to shreds.

Stephen Minchin

Don’t wear knee-warmers without also wearing arm-warmers. It looks ridiculous. The other way round is fine.

Simon Worsley

For the sake of your riding partners, please make sure your bike doesn’t make any squeaking, creaking, ticking, crunching or pinging sounds.

Cody Clark

Remember to use a bike.

Marc Selby

Take your helmet off when entering a pub.

Jean Yves Van de Kieft

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Ride within your limits until you really know how far you can push yourself. Always take an energy drink even in winter.

Mark Hancock

Don’t drop your litter. It’s everyone’s playground, so let’s keep it beautiful.

Mark Boyer

Never wear underwear underneath your cycling shorts! Seriously, don’t.

Tom Hughes

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