When road race and sportive clash: video

Footage from Yorkshire divisional road championship, which happened to take place on the same road as a sportive running the opposite way

We are all aware of the anger, upset and collisions that are sometimes caused when cyclists mix with other road users - but as this film shows, cyclists themselves occasionally don't mix well.

There was upset when Sunday's Yorkshire divisional road race used the same piece of road as a sportive event coming in the opposite direction. According to the film's maker, the incident took place on the  A162 Tadcaster Road.

The race had the proper clearance for its marshals to stop all traffic to let the race through, including other cyclists. In order to be safe, the road should be clear.

What you see is riders in the sportive ignoring the event marshal and continuing head-long into the race. One rider, in striped Kelme kit, veers around stopped sportive riders and into the path of the race.

Luckily, a crash was averted but tempers of riders and marshals obviously flared, as you can hear in the background.