Tweets of the week: Lockdown is clearly getting to Julian Alaphilippe and Dries Devenyns

Just another perfectly normal week in the world of cycling

Is lockdown finally getting to you? Thought so. Although if it’s any consolation the pros are starting to crack too.

Julian Alaphilippe has dressed up as the Easter bunny, Rui Costa is doing his best to do himself damage in his home gym, Dries Devenyns is riding a child’s bike on a treadmill and Nathan Haas is asking Pro Cycling Stats for a leaderboard charting which rider has been in quarantine the longest.

Another normal week in the world of cycling? You betcha!

1. Q: How are you holding up during lockdown?

Julian Alaphilippe:

2. In lieu of proper post-race press conferences, this is Rohan Dennis’ estimation of his performance that handed him victory in the Team Ineos Zwift race.


3. Nothing improves being in lockdown quite like a face full of kettlebells

4. These WorldTour riders are getting younger and younger every year

5. Not even a global pandemic will stop Astana making videos


6. If everything does end up being cancelled what are the chances Thomas De Gendt will just ride all three Grand Tours anyway?

7. There are a lot of things you could say about this, and ‘decent aero position’ is one of them

8. Troll Cyclist finally reveals his identity…

9. Nathan Haas finding the silver lining within the ravaged racing calendar


10. Some innovative cadence training from Dries Devenyns

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.