Tweets of the week: Mark Cavendish, the Yates brothers, and a helping of bogeys

Things got a bit weird this week

To be honest, since the announcement that Covid-19 vaccines were effective the main thing on my mind has been wondering how ‘normal’ things will actually be when ‘things return to normal’.

You kind of hope that we all will have taken stock during this past year indoors and remember to cherish the little things when we’re allowed back outside, instead of just chanting ‘PUB, PUB, PUB’ in unison as we march towards the nearest beer garden.

Judging by this week’s tweets, though, things are not nearly getting back to normal, not even close.

1. This would indeed fulfill Ineos’ promise of more open, exciting racing

2. You probably also had time to talk to every single person in Latvia during the broadcasting of Milan – Sanremo from start to finish

3. The irony is that when the website says yes the racing is too exciting for anyone to be wasting time checking a joke website

4. Didn’t see this sort of thing mentioned in the new UCI health and safety measures

5. Harsh, but ask yourself would you rather be a loveable bathtime accessory or an animal with the neck power to break a human arm?

6. What was the joke? (Wrong) answers on a postcard please

7. People talk about riders’ transition from cyclocross to the road but where’s the respect for Sam Bewley for making it from the WorldTour to Twitter-hacked-cryptocurrency-trading and then back again?

8. Yep, things are definitely not even close to back to normal

9. I’ll just say I could use all the help I can get

10. This is the only tweet you really needed this week, Suez Canal x Movistar memes directly into my veins s’il vous plaît

11. Me too, bud, me too

We’ll be back in seven days with more pure fuego tweets de la semaña.