Tweets of the week: Tom Boonen, Laura Kenny and Chloe Hosking

Some more social media gold from the last seven days

We’re back with more from the world of cycling from the last seven days.

This week there are some unbelievable skills on the rollers, a bit of romance from Tom Boonen, and a really rough crash for Laura Kenny.

Here are a few picks from the last seven days:

1. Those interval feels

2. That’s one way of walking the dog…

3. Anyone think they could do this? I certainly couldn’t

4. Happy Valentine’s Day from Tommeke

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5. A tough crash for Laura Kenny in an Olympic year

6. Coffee is serious business for Štybar

7. Always a classic moment

8. Need proof a cycling team is a family?

9. We could definitely get on board with a pastry sponsor

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I need a bakery sponsorship.

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10. ‘Healing process of my spuds’

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It's now been six weeks since my little accident, initially this is how long I was expected to be off the bike. To speed up the healing process of my spuds, I decided to do the most manly thing I could think of. Rip the motor out of my car, pull it apart, and put it back together in the hope to make it a little faster, leak less oil and drop phat skids. I succeeded. And in the process I did in fact heal much quicker than everyone thought. I've been properly training for about a month now, and will be racing again in about a week and a half! I'm back off to Europe today, despite having to sit out all the racing it's been a bloody good summer. Gave me a lot more time at home with the family, and Hank, some extra time to travel with @ivonreijers and got to see @brettmaherrr and @ashlinfitzgerald tie the knot. See you all when I'm lookin at ya ✌

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We’ll be back next week.