Tweets of the week: Mathieu van der Poel, Peter Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and more

Just another very normal week in the world of cycling

Peter Sagan, Eden Hazard and Greg Van Avermaet (Twitter)

Owls on bikes, ironing boards at CX races, Geraint Thomas raging about Carrefour and Peter Sagan jumping around in a wind tunnel.

No, this isn't a desperately tricky question on BBC Four's Only Connect, but if it was, the answer as to what links all of the above is tweets of the week, of course.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy each and every little hit of dopamine as you drink in ten of the best social media post from across the cycling world this week.

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1. This is genius. Tactical nous on display whether he's manoeuvring through the peloton with 3km to go or in the departure lounge.

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2. Sure, why not.

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3. Favourite thing about this is how un-phased the owl is by the whole thing.

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4. Worth it for the Carambars, though...

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5. After his axe-throwing exploits previously, let's see what the Peter Sagan off-season wheel of fortune conjures up this time. Peter Sagan is...*clackclackclackclack* jumping around in a wind tunnel!

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6. No matter how many times it happens, for some reason it's still weird when cyclists and footballers hang out.

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7. If it wasn't Vaughters, maybe it was Alexander Vino-kourov.

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8. Another week, another wholesome post from the very wholesome Bauke Mollema and his even more wholesome family.

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9. We'll leave you with this image that Mathieu van der Poel posted of himself and Raymond Poulidor after his grandfather passed away this week.

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We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.

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