New PRO Stealth Curved saddle designed for better stability in an aero position

Original range of PRO saddles also gets reworked with a new base construction, new aesthetic and lower weight

PRO Stealth Curved
(Image credit: Shimano/PRO)

Shimano's house brand PRO has launched a new curved version of its Stealth saddle, which is says is designed for riders who shift from left to right when they pedal. It has also redesigned the first generation of the PRO Stealth, which was one of the first 'shorty' saddles - with its short length and a wide nose - to find favour with road riders as well as time triallists due to the comfortable aero position it enabled; a tilt from the pelvis into a deep, pursuit-style position.

We were big fans of the original - you can read our review here.

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