Assos Zegho Eyewear

As you would expect from a product developed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, the Assos Zegnos major heavily on optics.

The single piece polyamide lens – chosen over polycarbonate as it is lighter and more flexible – has a dual bulge shape rather than a single curve. It may give a bug eye look, but alongside offering excellent protection from airborne stuff, the clarity claims are another result. With a distortion value of +/- 0.75D across the entire lens, including the large peripheries: it is the first ever non-prescription lens to pass the V-Toric test for distortion across all parameters.

In order to keep vision clear the lenses have been coated in another Carl Zeiss innovation. Dubbed Ri-Pel, the hydrophobic coating not only toughens the lens against scratches, it reduces surface tension so water should roll off in beads rather than wetting the lens. It also prevents oils and dirt sticking in the same way.
Assos Zegho: two lenses, two frames…

There is a high intensity yellow variant available – the Zegno Amplify – and two frame colour options for the black-lensed version. Colour aside, all models use the same flexible arms with integrated gripping pads to maintain slip-free fit. With prices starting at £299.99, the optical clarity and fit comes at a cost and there is no denying the looks are unique. This office is split (roughly into those who think they can pull off the look, and those that know they can’t!). Whatever your views on the visual aesthetic there is no denying the technology. We’ll be putting them through their paces in the months ahead to see how much difference the professed clear view makes.

One very large price tag

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