Rapha launches headphones made from African Hair Sheep leather

In collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, Rapha has launched some new headphones

London-based brand Rapha has launched a new pair of headphones in collaboration with Bang and Olufsen. Rapha states that the headphones are intended for use while travelling, or warming up on a stationary trainer: “Using B&O acoustic technology and fabrics and aesthetics from the Rapha design forum, these earphones are a luxurious, stylish way to enjoy all your favourite soundtracks.”

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The headphones feature a pink chord and remote.

By using B&O and its award-winning sound and audio engineers, Rapha claims that the new headphones will enable you to “enjoy the details and definition of every track. The sound is well balanced with a naturally rich bass.” The B&O acoustic technology has been combined with Rapha’s fabrics and aesthetics to give the headphones a luxurious and stylish feel.


The ear pads of made from Arfican Sheep Leather

In fact, the headphones ear pads are made from extremely soft and supple African Hair Sheep leather – as used for the Rapha GT Gloves. Rapha claims that this will ensure “a long-lasting, luxurious feel.” The headphones also feature a cord in signature Rapha pink, that contains a remote to allow control of devices. Further design features include a signature Rapha logo on the side of each headphone, while the headband inner is made of the same highly technical material as found on Rapha’s Pro Team Softshell Jacket.

So how much do the new headphones cost? The price on Rapha’s website is £329, but they do come in a nice box. Rapha do add a disclaimer, stating that “Neither Rapha nor any of the experts quoted here encourages the use of music while cycling on the road.”

For more information, head over to Rapha.