Tech News Round-up: Birzman, SRAM and Assos

Birzman 2013
Here at CW we like the little things that make our lives easier and with Birzman, the Taiwanese based company, its done that with the new 2013 Zacoo Maha pump.

The Zacoo range comes with a new ‘Snap-it Valve’ which is designed to, as it says on the tin, snap on and off without crushing the valve core or bursting off under high pressure.

Using a light pull-back, push-forward action to secure and release the valve along with a nifty air release button to optimise pressure, Birzman offers slightly more than easy air as the short video below will show. Anything that requires less energy pre-race or ride is a good thing in our mind.

SRAM QuickView

The Garmin mount originally brought into the market by the likes of Bar Fly and RaceWare Direct has now been taken on by giants SRAM. The simple handlebar mount cleans up the bar and stem whilst allowing for a ‘quick view’ of your data without taking your eyes off the road.

The computer mount has a slight off centre design to align with the stem, weighs in at 20g and undercuts its rivals to come in at around £15. A great purchase for SRAM fans and a testament to the product with another player in the market.


Assos Factory Outlet
Discount Assos clothing? Can’t be possible you say? A scam it must be? Well, no, it isn’t with the Assos Factory Outlet store. One of the only web-based stores that offers genuine products sourced from distributors and factories around the world.

With Assos constantly improving and changing its range of products and materials, distributors find themselves with excess stock, the factories sometimes find themselves still making old models as they need to use up materials, which means cheaper prices for the consumer.

A great way to have the best, without the price tag, but let’s keep it our little secret.