Purist or pill popper: Who's in the right when it comes to sports supplements?

A recent CW survey revealed a stark divide in opinion on sports supplements. But who wins this debate, asks Chris Marshall-Bell, the purists or the pill-poppers?

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How long would it take you to eat half a cow? No, we don’t know either. But if you wanted to get a 20g dose of creatine from a natural food source, that’s what you would need to do. 

“We ordinarily get 2g of creatine a day,”  explains Luc van Loon, a professor of physiology and nutrition at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, “a gram through a normal diet and a gram that we produce naturally. But with creatine supplements, you’re loading 20g a day. To get that in a normal diet, you’d have to eat half a cow. We can’t sustain that in a normal, nutritious diet.”

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