This confusing spiral track is the strangest cyclocross obstacle we’ve ever seen (video)

Organisers of the Jaarmarktcross cyclocross race have christened it the "spider's web"

Cyclocross can be crazy enough sport, with barriers, sand pits, and steep muddy banks making for some great racing and spectacular crashes. And if those obstacles weren’t enough, a Belgian cyclocross race has added confusion into the mix with a huge version of the so-called “spiral of doom”.

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Re-christened the “spider’s web”by the race organisers this is definitely the most confusing obstacles we’ve seen in a cyclocross race. In fact, take a look at the image above and it can be tricky to work out how riders won’t be crashing into each other head on. Thankfully, it’s a bit easier to understand once you see it in action.

Similar spirals have been used in a number of other cyclocross races, including the Rapha Supercross, but we’re struggling to think of a bigger version than this.

In action in Friday’s Jaarmarktcross in the small Belgian town of Niel, the spider’s web sees the riders enter from one side, go round and round in an anti-clockwise spiral until they reach the middle of the “web”, then do a 180º turn, and make their way back towards the outer edge in a clockwise direction.

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The spider’s web had been intended as a way for the organisers to draw in the crowds, although from the looks of the video above, we’re not sure how successful that’s been.