This is how you can trade in your old bike for a brand new Giant or Liv machine

Pre-owned bike retailer The Pro’s Closet is helping riders find their dream bike

A Giant retailer in California
Trade in your old bike for a new Giant or Liv
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Have you dreamt of trading in your old bike to get your dream upgrade like you would with your car?

Pre-owned bike retailer The Pro’s Closet is now offering you the chance to do just that, as you can ‘trade-up’ your used bike to get a discount on a brand new Liv or Giant machine. 

The Pro’s Closet has launched the ‘Trade Up’ scheme in partnership with Giant and Liv to offer discount vouchers for anyone wanting to cash in their current bike. 

To benefit from the discount, all you need to do is send two photos and a short description of your bike to The Pro’s Closet’s team of experts, who will then come back with a quote within 24 hours.

You can then redeem your discount voucher online and drop off your bike at a participating Giant or live retailer. 

John Thompson, general manager of Giant Group US, said: “To date, no bicycle brand has created the venue or process to enable customers to stay in the game similar to motor sports or automotive. Giant Group has partnered with The Pro’s Closet to make it seamless to keep riders riding for life,”

“Prior to this action, each bike purchase transaction has been viewed as a singular purchase with no trade-in or trade-up value. This trade up program is available to all Giant Group retailers; it’s a new day and game changer to offer Giant and Liv riders and retailers a way to upgrade their ride whenever the time is right. We are proud to be the first working with The Pro’s Closet on such a powerful project.”

The project is based around the automotive industry’s model for pre-owned cars. 

First riders can submit their bike details to The Pro’s Closet, with experts then making an offer for a discount voucher. 

Then when you’ve received your voucher, you can order your new bike and trade in your old bike.  

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FInd out more by visiting the Giant or Liv websites.  

There are currently 15 retailers across the US taking part, including in Boulder Colorado, Dallas Texas, New York and LA.  

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