Tweets of the week: Dan Martin, Sam Bennett, Tadej Pogačar and more

All you can eat tweets - from now until eternity

Tadej Pogačar
(Image credit: Twitter)

Hello, hi, welcome back to Tweets of the Week. 

By now, TotW is pretty much the only solid thing you can rely on in this world, pro riders tweeting nonsense week in, week out. The environment edging towards disaster, politics resembling a pair of tangled headphones, culture reduced to the latest hit thing on Netflix, the meagre duality of Adele vs. Ed Sheeran and yet another Marvel film.

Sorry to put a downer on things. To cheer us all up we've got Tadej Pogačar's goat doodles, Rigoberto Urán showing us his alternative EF Gone Parenting programme, and Sam Bennett doing...something.

1. Brutal

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2. Connor Swift won't have too many complaints with this effort

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3. Patrick Lefevere says he preferred the original

4. A two-time Tour winner chilling out after another amazing season by...doodling on his sofa

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5. No surprise that pro cyclist's idea of some downtime is running marathons

6. A very Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert off-season by the looks of it

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7. Some alternative parenting from Rigoberto Urán here

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8. If they formed a band I could see Cav as the Liam Gallagher-esque frontman

9. I've seen a lot of polls on cycling Twitter recently, I don't really understand it, but I do understand the Groupama-FDJ social media person has taken time out of their day to photoshop goats over Thibaut Pinot's eyes

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10. This baby gets no rest, surely only a pair of running trainers away from a triathlon now

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We'll be back in seven days' time for another dumpster dive into the life-affirming cesspit of Twitter dot com.