What’s next for indoor training apps?

Indoor training apps have come on a long way since they first arrived - how much more real can they get?

Indoor apps lifelike
(Image credit: Future)

As a coach, I sometimes hear athletes protest about training sessions being ‘boring’. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for this - if you want to excel in endurance sports (or indeed anything in life!), you need the mental strength to persist through the tougher times, not just when you feel like it. Growth doesn’t happen in a comfort zone! 

When it comes to indoor training, though, even the most dedicated athletes can be forgiven for saying that it’s boring to stare at the garage door. In the past decade, indoor training apps like Zwift have revolutionised the indoor experience. A far cry from my first memories of a 2D Mario World, the 3D world of Zwift is so immersive that you’ll be squinting to stop the dust getting in your eyes. 

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