Zwift to let you race your fastest self as it rolls out raft of new features

Chase down your Zwift PBs as improvements to in-game content discovery, new training features, more routes and improved event capabilities added

(Image credit: Zwift)

Zwift has announced a range of new features set to be introduced to the online cycling platform between September and the end of 2022, with more routes, improved navigation and the ability for users to compete against ghosts of their previous personal records all available. 

The product roadmap for the rest of the year will attempt to make Zwift more simple and accessible for users, while the platform hopes the new innovations will also enhance the quality and personalised aspect for riders to engage with. 

“Making Zwift more simple is one of the biggest opportunities for our expanding audience. We’re continually looking at new ways to make Zwift more accessible, easier to use, and more fun – whether you're new to the platform or have been here for years,” Zwift Vice President of Content, Mark Cote, said.

“With so many different ways to Zwift, this year we’ve focused on building out the tools that empower our community to create their own Zwift experience. We have  improved in-game discovery, enhanced the toolsets of Zwift Clubs and also adding to our library of 24-7 on-demand content. 

"We believe our experiences this season will help make Zwift a more engaging and personalised experience for members around the world.”

The extensive updates will, inevitably, include more roads for riders to explore, with Makuri Islands set to expand in November via the introduction of more roads, gravel and dirt surfaces. The terrains will offer further options for users to train on, and greater scope to immerse themselves in the virtual Zwift world.

Zwift riders can also compete against a ghost of their previous personal records, providing a personalised competitive element to their training. Named Holographic Replays, users can better understand the correct pacing for specific segments on the platform, tracking their improvements in real-time. 

Another innovation Zwift will implement is Route Based Workouts - training sessions providing an alternative to FTP-based workouts. Route Based Workouts aim to introduce newer users to structured plans, as well as providing an accurate FTP calculation and information on their strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist.

Set to host the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships once again, Zwift remains the platform for elite competition, too. The platform has also created a dedicated racing website for its upcoming calendar, with Zwift Racing League still offered. 

However, for those wanting more, Zwift has set up ZRacing, a thematic race series for each month of the year. A new stage will run each week, with a monthly badge available for participants, and can be completed in under an hour. 

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