Biggest watt saving for your investment? 'Buy a mirror,' says Dan Bigham

The two-time World Cup gold medallist and WorldTour advisor in aerodynamics shares some simple solutions - and says optimisation still matters at average club run speeds

dan bigham
(Image credit: Image supplied by Dan Bigham)

If you’re a road racer looking to gain an advantage via aerodynamics, the greatest investment you could make might well be a mirror, according to racer and aerodynamicist Dan Bigham.

For time triallists, the balance between aerodynamic optimisation and physiology rests on a “knife-edge” so might require a little more investment, though Bigham says domestic testers are among the slipperiest riders he’s measured.

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Watts/Time saved for a given CdA difference
SpeedWatts savedTime saved over 40km

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