Cycling Weekly January 28 issue

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As many of you will have already seen we’re celebrating our 130th birthday throughout 2021. The date of the first ever edition of Cycling was 24 January 1891, so four days on from the actual anniversary we’re launching our Heritage cycling kit.

Designed in partnership with Milltag we’re launching a black and a red jersey with accompanying shorts, caps and snoods. Turn to page 44 to see them, and find out more and order them on Milltag’s website,

This project has actually been several years in the making since I first met with Ed Cowburn from Milltag. He came in to look through our archives for another project and emerged agog at the history and material that we have in storage.

Why red and black? Well, Cycling Weekly has been a ‘red top’ since 1929, while black was the main colour of ink throughout the pages until it went full colour in the 1980s.

The simple design is a cycling classic, and timeless too. Horizontal stripes have been commonplace on cycling kit ever since jerseys evolved from a single base colour with a sponsor’s name on them. It also features our ‘C’ heritage logo.

We hope you like the kit, and with a bit of luck, by late spring we’ll see a few of you out riding in it.

Simon Richardson

Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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